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Net Pots

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Net pots come in various sizes and can be used in various applications to suit your needs. Net pots are suited to variety of growing mediums and allow liquid to flow freely past the roots of the plants they contain, facilitating the uptake of nutrients. As the plant grows, the roots extend out of the holes in the net pot and grow down through the pots in search of water.

Net Pots : Excellent quality net pots are thicker and more heavy-duty than most on the market. They offer a wider rim for better support. Smaller mesh allows the grower to use virtually all types of grow media.

Sizes in Diameters: 

  • 1.75"  
  • 2" 
  • 3" 
  • 3.75"
  • 5"
  • 6" 

Note : 1.75" and 2" Net pot - minimum order is 10 pcs. 

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