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Mother Earth® Worm Castings

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Mother Earth® Worm Castings are an all-in-one soil amendment. Earthworms convert organic matter into humus, which is good for amending soils. Our worms are carefully fed with composted forest humus, corn meal, green sand, azomite , gypsum, oyster shell flour, walnut meal and alfalfa meal ensure the best quality castings. Add Mother Earth® Worm Castings to any potting soil as an amendment or use as a primary ingredient in compost tea.

How to use Worm Castings in your Garden
Worm castings are very easy to incorporate into your regular garden feeding routine. The key is: keep it simple, and little goes a very long way.

Worm castings help with germination when starting seeds. 

Starting Seeds
Worm castings are especially effective for starting seeds indoors or out, because they protect the roots of the seedlings, help prevent damping off disease, and keep fungus gnats under control.

- Use a soil less mix of 2 parts coco coir and 1 part worm castings, OR
- Add worm castings to your bagged potting soil, 2 parts potting soil to 1 part worm castings.
- Place your potting mix/soil less mix in small seed cells, a cup, or other small container.
- Plant your seeds.

Container Plants
Worm castings are timed release, so work well in a container garden.
Worm castings are effective for container plants because they are time released (thus only need to be used once a season) and don’t burn the plants.

- Put 1-3 tablespoons around the base of your container plants
- Scratch the surface
- Water in with worm tea – castings and worm tea are a perfect team!

Garden Beds
Using worm castings in your garden beds will increase the survival rate of your transplants, creates aeration, and makes your soil healthier. Soon you’ll see more worms in your garden beds – they will leave their own castings. Over time, you will need to add less and less castings your soil becomes a healthy, living environment for your plants.

- Sprinkle 1-3 tablespoons into the planting hole directly, OR
- Use 1 pound per square foot when amending your entire garden bed.
- Water with worm tea.

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